The history of KRAV MAGA

Krav Maga was developed in the 1930s by Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld).

Imi was born on May 26 1910 in Budapest and grew up in Bratislava. Through Imi’s father, he had an unusual upbringing, which shaped the person he was to become.

His father was a chief inspector on the Bratislava police force, the owner of a local gymnasium, a self-defence instructor and a former circus acrobat.

With his father’s encouragement, Imi become an award-winning athlete with expertise in a wide range of sports, including swimming, boxing, wrestling and gymnastics.

Krav Maga is efficient and does not have rules or codes of sportsmanship, because abiding by rules in a real situation is limiting to the practitioner.

The practitioner must learn to target the most vulnerable parts of his opponent in order to neutralize him the quickest way possible and prevent him from doing damage.

In other words, the first thing that a practitioner must do is attempt to avoid the confrontation, however, if he is being attacked, he must respond with a minimum of equal force, and with a minimum of equal impact, in order to neutralize the threat and extract himself from danger.”

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Students will learn refined Krav Maga techniques and tactics to maximize their self-defence skills and situational awareness. The focus of our Krav Maga classes is to improve your Krav Maga technique, fighting skills, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and strength through a dynamic training of repetition, specialist drills, and unique and powerful striking combinations.

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Build a stronger body, rejuvenate your spirit, improve your reflexes, better your mood, relieve stress, and be happier!